Why I want to blog about living intentionally for familes. . .

In the world today, we find our schedules packed full of activities (especially when we have kids at home) leaving very little time for us to concentrate on developing ourselves let alone our children.  Yes, we do experience growth through osmosis.  Simply living life teaches us valuable lessons, but not intentionally.  I am talking about a purposeful growth – values and key facts of life given focus so that we can provide our children with a foundation with which they can build on after they graduate and experience the world.

There are so many life skills that are not taught to us in school or if they are, they only scratch the surface.  Take a moment to think about it.  Who taught you about social skills?  Integrity?  The power of cooperation?  Serving others?  How to manage money?  Many of us are still learning these lessons or learned them through hard knocks.  Not that I think that is a bad way for some of us to learn, but I would imagine that if people were taught these skills earlier, they would be more successful in life.

Realistically speaking, I think it is better that life skills are taught in the home so they can be entwined with our own family values, but it sure wouldn’t hurt if they were taught in school as well, especially for those who do not have a parent that can or will make such an investment.

So, how does this relate to what I am doing here?  Simply put, most of us are limited on time, which makes it difficult to put plans in place to achieve it all, but it doesn’t mean we don’t care or realize the importance of making sure our kids are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in life.  This is why I want to share what my family is doing.  We hope by sharing what we have done to grow ourselves and our family, others will be able to modify the systems/tools we used to meet their family needs/values to add experiences and value to their lives that would otherwise been too time consuming to accomplish.

I hope you join us!

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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