Introducing Notions by Angie – Your Resource for Intentional Living

I am pleased to officially launch and introduce my blog, Notions by Angie!  In this post, I tell you all about the blog, including the potential benefits.  Share the info with your family, friends, and social networks to help me spark a movement of intentional living.  Wishing you all the best!  ~ Angie

What is Notions by Angie?

A blog that presents ideas and plans on how to intentionally live your best life.

Who is Notions by Angie written for?

Anyone wanting to intentionally live life to its fullest and wishing to share the experience with those they love.

Where can I use the information found at Notions by Angie?

On an individual level, anywhere!  As a family, anywhere everyone can come together; around the kitchen table, at the park, in the car, on vacation, etc.

When is the best time to read and utilize the information found at Notions by Angie?

Only when you are ready and able to commit to change for the better.

Why read Notions by Angie?

To develop habits that give you control of your life and freedom from the daily grind that drains you of life and energy.

How can Notions by Angie help me?

This blog is meant to inspire and show that living intentionally with purpose can open us up to a glorious life!  One of the ways I feel I can help you achieve this realization is by sharing the process that I developed for my own family to use.  I have taken our process and shaped it into a program I call “My Intentional Life Journey.”  The program consists of:

  • Posts about adopting new habits  in daily living.  Habits that develop routine, encourage positive thinking, keep you focused, and create accountability.
  • Tools to keep you organized.  You don’t have to worry about how you are going to keep track of everything you are doing; there are plenty of tools to help you.
  • Thought-provoking life lessons.  Many will come from the works of impressionable life teachers we admire and respect.
  • Connection to praiseworthy and interesting resources.
  • Flexibility to modify the process so that it fits your own desires or needs.  The program is meant to be used as it works best for you, therefore, it will not look the same for everyone.  The lessons that unfold are meant to meet an objective.  As long as you are meeting the objective, the route you take can take any form.  So, feel free to skip parts, move parts around, and change the forms.
  • Freedom to work at your own pace.  Slow and steady will get you there.
  • An organized plan that lets you take what could be an overwhelming task and break it down in to small achievable steps.
  • Through discussion and reader participation, you can share your story and learn how others have traveled through their journey as well.  This will provide new perspectives and ideas on how to accomplish objectives.
  • And if you need extra help . . . one-on-one and group coaching services are available with Angie to help you build confidence, create plans specific to your situation, and to provide accountability and encouragement.


What are the benefits that can transpire by reading and utilizing the information found at Notions by Angie?

  • Learning to live with intention
  • Deciding and living life the way you want
  • Spending the gift of each day how you want to spend it
  • Strengthening connection with those you love
  • Peace and happiness
  • Holding your values close
  • Deep sense of gratitude
  • Being true to yourself
  • Full of spirit
  • Enlightenment
  • Being your best self
  • Free of judgment and ego
  • Time
  • Deep respect for everything around you
  • Giving of yourself for the benefit others
  • Dedication to the greater good

What it takes to realize the benefits?

First, you have to be able to see the value of the information found at Notions By Angie. Second, you need the discipline to:

  1. Be Self Aware – Recognize the benefit to be gained through self change.
  2. Decide – Decide you are ready and able to make the change.
  3. Commit – Commit yourself and the time necessary to be successful.
  4. Act – Just do it!
  5. Evaluate – Evaluate your progress towards attainment.

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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