What Would Your Presidential Candidate Speech Convey?

Have you ever considered what you would say to voters if you were running for president?  I hadn’t until recently when I had a dream I was running for president.  I assume the dream was a response to my senses being on overload from all the television advertisements and prerecorded phone calls I keep getting.  The bombardment has resulted in utter disappoint towards candidates that are more focused on their own agenda, which in many cases seems to revolve around slinging mud at their opponent, than what is best for the greater good of our country.

In my dream I found myself sick from nerves as I stood waiting my turn to go onto the stage.  At the last moment, my whole body relaxed and the butterflies slipped away.  As I faced the audience, words just flowed from my lips . . .

I am flawed . . . normally, when I speak in public . . . I sweat, get sick to my stomach, my voice quivers and cracks.  I’m a short woman who eats too many sweets.  I’ve done things I regret, said profoundly stupid things, and have a terrible tendency to judge too often.

But, I can tell you this as well . . . I am human, I love all people, I dream of equality and peace, I am a fighter, and at the beginning of the day I wake up to tackle my day just like anyone else.  At the end of the day, I know that at my core, the fiber of my being, I want the best for everyone and the spirit I have within is what makes me an American.

So, as I stand here today, I have allowed myself freedom of judgment from others and found inner peace to show greatness.  How wonderful a world we could have and leave for our children, if we found peace together.  You have the power of choice, please use it wisely.

I have no plans to run for any kind of political office, but I am eager to see elected officials put aside their egos and lead us with humility.

I follow Jeremie Kubicek’s blog at www.jeremiekubicek.com.  He is an author and the CEO of GiANT Impact.  He has been working on a project called Humble for President that is sparking conversation about the absence of humility among leaders today.  Please read the thoughts as it pertains to the presidential election at http://humbleforpresident.com/vote/ and consider the points made as you exercise your right to decide what is best for America.  Every vote matters!

With peace and liberty,


P.S.  Please comment below on what your speech would convey.

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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