My Intentional Life Journey: Component No. 3 ~ My Life Journey Worksheet ~ Phase 1

Yay!  This is where the real work begins!

I have a few notes first.  This exercise is designed for you to look within yourself and practice self awareness.  Remember the 5 Steps of Self Evolution?  This worksheet takes you through an in-depth process of self awareness and decision making, steps 1 and 2.  In my last post I mentioned that the process may be a little challenging.  To be successful, you will have to stretch yourself by going places you might not necessarily like to go or have avoided going.  Being honest with ourselves is not always easy, but we need to be take ownership to move in the direction we want to go.  So, with that in mind, I ask you to open yourself up, take off the armor, and commit to the process.  No short cuts or half truths, ok?  🙂

Lastly, I have to take a moment to give credit to the great thought leaders whose writing inspired me as I worked with my family in developing our own process.  There are more than several remarkable individuals out there sharing their ideas.  I took the ideas of a few that stood out from the crowd, tweaked them to meet the needs of my family, and then combined them into this My Life Journey Worksheet.

Now, let’s get to it!  Today, we will discuss page 1 of the My Life Journey Worksheet.  There are three questions to answer.

The first question is about your current reality.  Describe what your life is like today.  There is no trick to it, just write about your life from the heart.  Don’t try to sugar coat or down play anything, make it real.  After you have it written, read through your answer.  Feel the thoughts you have written, and then circle what you find desirable in your life and then underline anything you find to be undesirable and would like to change.  I’ll explain the labeling of desires in Phase 6.

Our second question asks you to describe what behaviors you have a tendency to use consistently in situations.  By situations, I mean when things are out of balance or not right.  For instance when you are in disagreement with someone or when things are not going as planned.  Again circle your desirables and underline your undesirables.

Some samples to get your analytical juices flowing for answering question two:

  • Do you become guarded and shut down or are you open to understanding?
  • Do you yell or do speak calmly?
  • Are you even tempered or hot tempered?
  • Are you passive or aggressive?
  • Are you kind or rude?
  • Do you complain or encourage resolution?
  • Do you deny or take responsibility?
  • Do you cheer or boo?
  • Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
  • Are you quick to point out the positive or are you negative and critical?

The third question asks you to describe what makes you strong.  By strong, I mean the skills and characteristics that are strengths for you. These skills and characteristics make you unique and could empower you to achieve great things if you embraced them.  Be sure to circle your desirables and underline your undesirables.  It is likely that you may not have any undesirables in your answer, but don’t be fooled by your strengths.  Being strong-willed is one of mine, but it is not necessarily a desirable in my situation, so I mark it as an undesirable.  Not that I would want to eliminate it entirely, but it does need to be managed.  If I don’t manage it, I am liable to run over others without consideration to how my thoughts and opinions affect them.  Like a bull in a china shop, I could possibly take good things out in pursuit of my own reckless agenda.

Samples to answers for question three:

  • Go getter
  • People pleaser
  • Collaboration
  • Laid back
  • Planner
  • Free-spirited
  • Funny
  • Consistent
  • Creative
  • Leadership

That’s a wrap on Phase 1, Page 1 of the “My Life Journey” worksheet.

QuestionDid any of your answers on page 1 surprise you?  Please share in the comment section below.

*** This post is just one in a series of many covering the aspects of the My Life Journey Program.  To learn more about the program, click here. ***


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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