Are you a family or just a group of individuals bound by some common factor?

What makes you and yours a family?  Is it because you all live under the same roof?  Maybe you don’t live together, but do you share the occasional holiday together?  Are you a family because you are related?  Or is it because you share a life together?

Family can be brought together by sharing life’s precious moments.

The Cunninghams
One of many hikes in Estes Park, CO


That makes me wonder, how would you describe your family?  Would being able to describe your family without having to describe each family member be a sign to how close knit your family unit is?

So then, would a family that is close and makes family a priority answer the question like this . . .

Our family loves the outdoors, enjoys being physically active, plays together, eats together, likes creating our own traditions, cherishes sacred time with one another, benefits and grows by facing the challenges life has a tendency to offer, pushes each other to meet our potential, is spiritual, and loving.

Where as a family whose members are focused more on their own agenda than family may answer the same question like this . . .

Jack is the bread winner.  Jane is the glue that holds us together.  Max is the quarterback of the football team.  And Sally is the scholar of the family.

I don’t think we can be that general or harsh in judgment to assume that where a family’s priorities lie are an absolute indication of how close the family may or may not be.  But, I do think it is something to think about in regards to our own families.

Each family member is unique and has interests of their own.  That individuality should be supported.   But let’s also support the whole by finding things we can share together and then do those things as often as possible.

QuestionWhat does your family share together?

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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