My Intentional Life Journey: Component 3 ~ My Life Journey Worksheet ~ Phase 4

Woohoo, you have made it to Phase 4! CONGRATULATIONS is order for completing Phase 3. That may have been the toughest part of this whole process, but likely one the most valuable pieces too. This post marks the half way point. So, get ready to tackle page 5 of the My Life Journey Worksheet.

The first question is a statement. “I can lead myself by taking these actions . . . “ Your answer can be anything. Perhaps it has something to do with being disciplined or maybe you might like to use what I did. “Being self aware and adjusting my behaviors so that I show up in the world as I intend to.” It can be that simple and you want it to be, so you can remember it!

Our second question states what decisions you are ready and willing to commit to. Tony Robbins calls them “real decisions.” What does he mean? He means making an intentional choice about your beliefs, the path you want to take in life, and your unwavering commitment.

One of my decisions was “I give of myself in everything I do.” Notice how I didn’t say “I will give of myself”? That’s because I want to set in present tense, because at that moment I made a decision to do it now! 🙂 Be sure to circle your answers for this question.

By the way, commitment is 100%. Some of the time doesn’t cut it, even if it’s 99% percent of the time. Here is a post by Brian Johnson of en*theos that explains this philosophy very well.

Bright Lines – Posted by Brian Johnson @ en*theos

Question three states that “In order to be successful I must believe . . . “ Tony makes a great point that “Your beliefs determine what you will do, not do, and how you feel about anything that occurs in your life.” And Jim Donovan says “Believe you can do something.” You have to believe in yourself to make it real, so what do you need to believe?

“Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

The last question is also a statement. This time you need to describe the person you need to be to attain your dreams. I’ve heard several thought leaders explain that we can benefit by developing the qualities and skills we admire in other people in ourselves. By doing so, we build the confidence and know how that will help us reach those dreams.  Circle your desirables in this answer and underline the undesirables. We’ll address them again later in the worksheet.

That completes this page. Get ready to have some FUN dreaming in Phase 5. ~Angie

QuestionCan you think of a commitment that you made, but didn’t give it the 100% it needed to be successful?


*** This post is just one in a series of many covering the aspects of the My Life Journey Program.  To learn more about the program, click here. ***


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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