An Exercise That Will Crack You and Make You

This exercise is one of the hardest things I have done, but was one that definitely put perspective to my life!



Do you ever wonder what people will say about you when you are gone?  What kind of mark or legacy you will leave behind?  It’s a tough question!  You may want to avoid the question, because you are afraid of the answer or the thought is just too overwhelming.

Avoid it and miss out.  Miss out on an opportunity to take control and live life so that your ideal matches your reality.  Every day is a gift!  Make the most of this time and spend it wisely through a conscience and deliberate use of it.  Now is the best time to start living with intention.

Today, I hope that you take the time and do what I did.  Write your own obituary.  If you find that there is a discrepancy between how you are living versus how you want to live, then take action today!  There is no better time than the present.

Here’s to your best life!



Question:  Were you surprised by what you learned in this exercise?


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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