Be Your Own Inspiration

We all have those moments of purely exhilarating inspiration from time to time.  It may be something we see or hear that sparks us, but all too often the spark dims before we get any momentum to take action.  In other words, life happens, right?

The good news is, with a little bit of discipline, we can be our own inspiration and a consistent source of it.  The purpose of The My Life Journey Program is to help you live intentionally.  So what does that have to do with being your own spark you ask?  Hang tight and we’ll get to that answer.

In order to live a life of intentionality, we have to know the direction we are headed.  What’s the best way to discover your intentions and your path?  Explore and dream!

That’s great to have that all worked through, but now you need to figure out how you will find the motivation to do it all.  🙂   You can have the best action plan ever created, but it doesn’t mean diddly squat if you can not motivate or inspire yourself into action.  How to achieve this task varies from person to person as we are all inspired in different ways.  The key is to try and try again until you find the one thing that does the trick for you.

In our family, it works best to have a few key pieces of information constantly in front of us.  So, we have a paper we call “Guide Me With Inspiration” that we keep in numerous places.  Click here to download it in a Word file.

Guide Me With InspirationThe page has 4 easy sections.

  1. A Personal Motto – Having a motto to live by can be inspiring in itself.  It shows your character and drives you.  Izzy has two!  Can you tell she used to be a gymnast?  I suppose she uses the one that best fits her mood each day.  You go girl!
  2. A Family Motto – Our family motto guides us as a family.  It strengthens our bond and emphasis our commitment to support each other.
  3. Personal Affirmations – We use daily affirmations to direct our thoughts and perspectives in a positive manner.  Affirmations are specific to our individual needs at that time.  Keep them simple and to the point.
  4. Personal Goals – We don’t want to forget these!  Every day is another opportunity to progress towards goal attainment.  Reminding ourselves of what we are wanting to accomplish, gets the juices flowing and gives us that kick we need to keep inching towards the goal line.

Think this may be a good place to start to finding what works for you?  Try it out!  We keep copies in our family meeting notebooks, our rooms, lockers, the backs of cabinet doors, on vision boards, etc.  Just don’t let yourself become complacent and miss an opportunity to refresh your focus.  See them, read them, feel them, and get moving!

QuestionDo you have a routine, process, or trick to keep you motivated and inspired to follow your dreams and act intentionally?  Please share it with us in the comments below!


My Intentional Life Journey: Component 6 ~ Guide Me With Inspiration

*** This post is just one in a series of many covering the aspects of the My Life Journey Program.  To learn more about the program, click here. ***


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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