A Lesson of Presence in a Mother’s Strength

I was touched by a story I saw on the “Today Show” this morning.  So much so, that I felt compelled to write about it.  Emily Rapp shared the lessons she learned caring for her young son who was very ill.  He lost his fight just three weeks ago.  But, here she was talking about how writing their story in “The Still Point of the Turning World” helped her through it all.  Most of what she talked of was being present in the moment and enjoying the time we have together.  Her book is now on my reading list.

The Still Point of the Turning World by Emily Rapp

Emily had the foresight to embrace stillness and enjoy the life of her child while it lasted.  Choose to be present in the moment today!  Please don’t let a life threatening illness or the loss of a loved one be your turning point.

Being present and intentional in life is a discipline.  Mastering anything takes time, but it can happen by bringing it into your life and practicing it daily.

Emily is strong and magnificent.  She has given us a gift.  Let’s take her message to heart.  Be present!

Wishing you a life of intention . . .



P.S.  Yesterday I shared my story, the struggles I have had to overcome, and some of the lessons I learned.  I am still working on so many things, but am pleased with how far I have come and where I am going.  I received another gentle reminder in the form of an en*theos.com post.  I’d like to share it with you.

Your Past Isn’t What It Used to Be  by Alan Cohen

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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