Projects Galore!

Hello there!

Yes, I am still here.  I’ve just been busy working on a few fun and exciting projects that are intended to enrich lives.  As matter of fact, I’ve started a company called Impactful Living, Inc. as a result of it all.

Impactful Living, Inc.

Curious about the projects?  Here is what is currently underway . . .

  • Living with Purpose Study Group

This summer I have had the fortune to work with my kids and the kids of two other families to help them create their our own life journey.  Each session we cover aspects of the My Life Journey Program and several life lessons.  We have great discussions and are currently in the midst of developing a fundraiser to support cancer patients.  I am learning so much from the group and love to see them grow.

  • Living with Purpose Family Leadership Study Group

I am creating a class to teach the My Life Journey Program to parents.  I have had a few friends express an interest in it, so I can’t wait to get started!

  • A Guide to Life Planning
    The guide helps you through the proactive process of . . . making decisions, compiling information, and creating plans that you want to be used for responding to and managing events that are . . .
  1. Permanently life altering,
  2. Life threatening, and
  3. Life ending.
  • A Guide to Building the Custom Home of Your Dreams

The guide also has an accompanying workbook (on CD). Together they educate and organize people in the process of building a new home.

  • Concierge and Care Management Services Toolkit and Consulting

A toolkit containing systems, forms, and processes to aid retirement communities looking to expand services into the home.

I am grateful for this opportunity.  Please let me know if I can serve you in anyway!

Yours Truly,



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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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