A Gift of Grace

I have so many new ideas and thoughts to share since I have begun to follow my passions.  In my work to develop a guide for planning for life changing events, including the end of life, I have had the fortune to cross paths with a company called The Action Mill.

“The Action Mill is a human-centered design firm with offices in Philadelphia and New York. We design tools to improve how people work, transform complex systems, and create more meaningful connections.”

In their quest to help organizations change their working habits for the better and create engaging cultures, The Action Mill has found themselves inspired to make a difference through a project they call Death and Design.  Through this project, The Action Mill has created a unique and amazing way to open us up to discussing death and dying through a game called “My Gift of Grace.” These conversations are important, yet we don’t have them often enough.

My experience in financial planning and the continuum of care in aging has shown me first hand the importance of planning for life changing events.  But, many of us find this topic too hard to think about, let alone talk about. At the same time, the benefits outweigh the discomfort.  Sharing your desires with those you love is an amazing gift.

Think about it.  If something tragic happens that permanently changes your life of even ends it, your family will be devastated.  Although there is little that can make them feel better, you can a least minimize any additional stress they may experience by having already communicated what your preferences would be given the options for either circumstances.

“My Gift of Grace” is wonderful product, and I think it will compliment my work very well.  But, to make it to market it needs our assistance.  Please help The Action Mill obtain the funding they need, so we, and everyone we care about can take advantage of this extraordinary gift.  You can learn more about this project and if you feel moved to, pledge a contribution on their page at Kickstarter.

Here’s to long and meaningful life!


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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