Program – My Intentional Life Journey

Wow!  It amazes me how much our family has done to design an intentional life for ourselves.  I am so PROUD of what we have accomplished.  I know you will be too as you take this journey!

I have outlined the components of the program below.  As you look over all the pieces, it can appear overwhelming, if you allow yourself to take in too much at one time.  To ease you on to this glorious path of intentional living, I have broken the program down into several bit-sized pieces.  Take it one piece at a time and be sure to celebrate your progress along the way.

Each component of the program is outlined below.  To help you navigate, I have created links to my blog that take you to the discussion pages for each.  I will add new links as I cover more information through the blog.  If there is no link, it’s because I haven’t covered that item in the blog yet.  Be patient, it will happen.  If you haven’t already subscribed, please do, so you keep receive new posts as they are written.  😉  Thanks for letting me share this information with you.  Sending you my love and support as YOU create your best family life!  ~Angie

Oops, I don’t want to forget the objectives, they are important too!  The objectives can be found here.

Journey Components

  1. The Family Meeting and Meeting Agenda
  2. Organize Yourself
  3. My Life JourneyPhase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5, Phase 6, Phase 7
  4. My Life Journey Goal Sheet
  5. Affirmations
  6. Guide Me With Inspiration
  7. My Ideal Week
  8. Vision Board
  9. Mental Challenge
  10. Journals
  11. Family Devotion
  12. Lesson Book
  13. Daily Download
  14. Relational Accounts
  15. Afternoon Huddle
  16. Problem Solving
  17. Meditation
  18. Faith
  19. Travel Journal
  20. Volunteering

Feel free to modify the process so that it fits your own desires or needs.  The program is meant to be used as it works best for you, therefore, it will not look the same for everyone.  The lessons that unfold are meant to meet an objective.  As long as you are meeting the objective, the route you take can take any form.  So, feel free to skip parts, move parts around, and change the forms.

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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